Decorate Rich Too, LLC
Consignor Contract

Thank you for consigning with Decorate Rich Too. We encourage you to read our agreement closely before signing.

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I, __________________________________________ (hereafter referred to as “Consignor”), agree to all of the following conditions of consigning with Decorate Rich Too.

Consigned items: Decorate Rich Too is an upscale home décor consignment shop. We only accept gently used items. We collect an eclectic array of styles to include Shabby Chic, Contemporary, Classical, International brands and fabulous antiques. Designer and antiques must be accompanied with documentation/proof of value in order to command designer or antique level pricing. In some cases there are exceptions. If in doubt, please ask. Items must be clean and ready for display before they will be accepted by Decorate Rich Too. Items also need to be from a smoke-free and mothball-free environment. Items with stains or signs of wear and tear (i.e. stains and scratches) will not be accepted.

The Process: Consignors schedule appointments either via email or phone. Please bring along a listing of the items you wish to consign and the approximate price you paid for each item. An account is set up in your name and each piece you consign is bar coded. Please note that we select the merchandise we accept based on what is best suited to our clientele and can only accept what we believe will sell best.

Pricing and Charges: We look at comparative items, and based on the condition of the item we price accordingly. Decorate Rich Too reserves the right to price all articles. As a base, usual pricing of consigned merchandise is approximately 30% of the original retail. Items will be marked down at the sole discretion of Decorate Rich Too based on our promotional schedule. If Decorate Rich Too needs to arrange pickup of consignor items, the consignor will be charged for this service.

Consignment Period: Consignment period is 90 days unless exception is arranged with management.
We are a small store and constantly need to make room for new consignment merchandise. All accessories are automatically donated. We prefer you donate any unsold furniture. If you wish to retrieve your furniture, we ask that you do so right before 90 days, because the items pulled on day 91 and will be automatically donated if you do not contact us or make arrangements to retrieve your unsold furniture before that date.

Payments/Credits – The consignor is credited for 40% of the price of purchase.  You may use your account credit to shop at Decorate Rich Too.  After the consignment period is concluded you may request a check. Checks are eligible for issue the month after the consignment concludes and payment is based on when the items sold. Please make sure you notify us of any address, phone number changes, as soon as possible. Decorate Rich Too is not responsible for bounced emails/notifications or checks unable to be delivered because of an old address or illegible contract information on your contract. Checks not cashed within 6 months of issue will be cancelled from the system. You must contact Decorate Rich Too about your account within 2 years of your contract start date for your account to remain active and to receive any compensation for items consigned that sold. 

Liability: Decorate Rich Too and/or its staff does not assume responsibility for losses due to fire, theft, water damage, donation or other causes.

Lawful Owner: By agreeing and signing the Merchandise Consignment Terms and Conditions Agreement and placing items for sale at Decorate Rich Too, you guarantee Decorate Rich Too that all items given to Decorate Rich Too for sale are lawfully and entirely owned by you or you are acting on behalf of a person(s) who have given you authority to sell such items on their behalf. Decorate Rich Too will not be held responsible for any damages, penalties, fines, fees or judgments for any issue arising due to the rights of the lawful owner of the merchandise placed on consignment

____________ (Initials) I prefer to pick up my unsold furniture by day 90.
____________ (Initials) I prefer to donate my unsold furniture on day 91 to non-profit charitable organizations designed to help families in need.

Decorate Rich Too, LLC Management reserves the right to alter their policy at any time.

Please note we do not call you. It is your responsibility to check on your account near the end of the consignment period if you choose to pick up your items. This contract has been read by and its contents agreed upon by:

Signature of Consignor: __________________________________________________

Name Printed: _________________________________________________________

Date: ____________________

Email: ______________________________________ 

Phone: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: ____________________________________________________

Decorate Rich Too, LLC Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ____________

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